Ryukakusan's Company Information

  • 1. The Roots of RyukakusanThe Footsteps of Ryukakusan and Fujii Family

    1st Generation Genen Fujii

    2nd Generation Genshin Fujii

    3rd Generation Shoteiji Fujii

    4th Generation Tokusaburo Fujii (the first)

    5th Generation Tokusaburo Fujii (the second)

    6th Generation Tokusaburo Fujii (the third)

    7th Generation Yasuo Fujii

    8th Generation Ryuta Fujii

    Anecdotes about the company founder
    The ties between Misato-cho in Akita Prefecture and Ryukakusan Co., Ltd

    The following is the statements about the founder Genen Fujii and Ryukakusan, excerpted from the Rokugo-cho history book.

    “There is a well-known medicine called Ryukakusan. This medicine is made by father and son physician of Fujii family whose origin is Rokugo. Genei Fujii (~1827) was born in the family of physician for generations. He originally lived at Rokugo Higasine (Present Misato-cho in Akita Prefecture), and later moved to Edo city (Present Tokyo). His son, Genshin invented Ryukakusan having incorporated the knowledge of Chinese medicine and the knowledge he gained in Holand.
    [Referenced by: Rokugo-machi History book]


    The family had served as Akita Domain physicians for generations, and moved from Ibaraki to Ohmagari-city in Akita prefecture, together with their master. The Basis of Ryukakusan was found by Genen Fujii. Then, his son, Genshin improved.
    Later, this medicine was granted to the Fujii Family by their master at the time of abolition of feudal domains and establishment of prefectures.
    (1871) and Shoteiji Fujii began selling it as medicine for the public under the name “Ryukakusan”.
    [Referenced by:Report of Akita Food Culter, Auther Anbaiko, Published by Mumeisha Publishing]

  • 2. The History of Ryukakusan Co., Ltd.

    • Middle EdoPeriod
      “Ryukakusan”is a family medicine handed down through generations of
      the Satake clan of the Akita Domain.
    • Late EdoPeriodShoteiji Fujii reestablished the medicine and named it “Ryukakusan”.
    • 1871Established the business in Kanda, Tokyo.
    • 1893Tokusaburo Fujii, the founder“Ryukakusan”finalized the fine powdered formula of the remedy.
    •  Tokusaburo Fujii opens his first store, Fujii Tokusaburo Store.
    • 1928Fujii Tokusaburo Store Co. is reorganized to Fujii Tokusaburo Store Co., Ltd.
    • 1945~Begins exporting “Ryukakusan” to Asia regions.
    • 1964“Clara” is launched. Fujii Tokusaburo Store is renamed as Ryukakusan Co., Ltd.
    • 1967“Ryukakusan Lozenge” is launched.
    • 1982The company begins importing and selling “Tiger Balm”
    • 1990Starts carrying pharmaceutical medicines.
    • 1991Construction of the Ryukakusan Corporate Headquarters building is completed.
    •  Headquarters building wins the Good Design Award from Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry(Formally the Ministry of International Trade and Industry).
    •  Construction of the new Chiba Plant, equipped with R&D facilities, in the Tako Industrial Park is completed.
    • 1998“Swallowing Aid Jelly(Magic Jelly)” is launched. This is the world's 1st medicine coating jelly form and has cultivated the industry.
    • 2001“Swallowing Aid Jelly for Children(Okusuri Nometane) is launched.
    • 2006“Swallowing Aid Jelly(Magic Jelly)” receives the Pharmaceutical Encouragement Award from the Academy of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology, Japan. (APSTJ)
    • 2007“Swallowing Aid Jelly for Chinese Medicine”(coffee jelly and strawberry chocolate flavors) are launched.
    • 2008“Ryukakusan Direct Stick(mint and peach flavors)” are launched.
    • 2009“Tiger Balm Stick N” is launched.
    • 2010“Ryukakusan Throat Refreshing Product Series(Gum, Tablet, Powder-in Candy)” are launched.
    • 2011“Ryukakusan Throat Refreshing Candy” is launched.
    •  The current president, Ryuta Fujii receives the certificate of appreciation from the Governor of Tokyo as a person who has rendered distinguished service to the pharmaceutical industry.
    • 2012“Ryukakusan Direct Lozenge Mango” is launched.
    •  The company receives the Shokusokai Ando Momofuku Invention / Discovery Award for the development of “Swallowing Aid Jelly(Magic Jelly)”.
    •  “Swallowing Aid Jelly(Magic Jelly)” receives the Invention Encouragement Award from the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation(JILL).
    • 2013The company enters into a comprehensive regional vitalization partnership agreement with Misato-cho, Senboku-gun in Akita Prefecture, and begins domestic cultivation of natural medicines.
    •  “Swallowing Aid Jelly(Magic Jelly)(RakuRaku)” is launched.
    •  Ryuta Fujii, the current president receives the certificate of appreciation from the Governor of Tokyo as a person who has rendered distinguished service to the health, medical care, and welfare fields.
    • 2014“Swallowing Aid Jelly for Chinese Medicine” joined the“RakuRaku(Magic Jelly)”series. Newly launched as “Swallowing Aid Jelly(Magic Jelly) for Chinese Medicine”.
    • 2016Introducing the all-new “Ryukakusan Direct Lozenge Mango R”.
    • 2018Introducing “Swallowing Aid Jelly (Magic Jelly) for Powdered Medicine”.
    •  Introducing “Ryukakusan Throat Refreshing Tablet”.
    •  Expanded the product range launching to Thai market.

    Newspaper advertisement
    from the late Meiji Period (mid-1800s)

    Ryukakusan started its advertisement on the printed press earlier.
    At the end of Meiji Era, Ryukakusan already had a large newspaper advertisement.

    Signboard with gilt lettering
    from the Meiji Period (1868-1912)

    At this time, people judge the credibility of a drugstore, based on the number of the sign boards.

    Products circa 1935
    Ryukakusn has barely changed its formula or ingredients. Its main ingredient is natural crude drugs.
    Formulation origin comes from the herbal medicine with thousand years of tradition.

    “Ryukakusan Lozenges”
    The first throat lozenge in Japan. For both children and women this medicine contains the same ingredient as Ryukakusan, yet with the easy to use features.

    This medicine was developed to target for salaried workers.

    “Swallowing Aid Jelly(Magic Jelly)”Series
    These products have been received extremely favorably in industries.
    ・Received The APSTJ “Pharmaceutical Encouragement Award”
    ・Received The Ando Momofuku Award “Invention/Discovery Award”
    ・Received the JILL “Invention Encouragement Award”
  • 3. Ryukakusan's Products

    Ryukakusan Series

    • ●Ryukakusan
    • ●Ryukakusan Direct Stick
    • ●Ryukakusan Direct Lozenge

    Finely powdered (10~20μm) natural medicine attaches to and acts directly on the mucous membrane of the throat, activating the human body's self-purification action and preserving the normal condition of the throat.


    Inside the mouth granule in the sachet melts instantly, returning to Ryukakusan powder. The individual packages are convenient for carrying around with you.


    The sugarless lozenge provides refreshing mango flavor till it dissolves in the mouth.

    Swallowing Aid Jelly (Magic Jelly) Series

    Swallowing Aid Fluid
    • ●Swallowing Aid Jelly (Magic Jelly)
    • ●Swallowing Aid Jelly (Magic Jelly) for Children (Okusuri Nometane)

    In 1998, “Swallowing Aid Jelly(Magic Jelly)” was developed as the world's first “drug-taking support jelly.”

    • ※Jelly oblates relieve the stress given when taking a liquid (water) and solid (medicine) at the same time.
    • ※Contains only ingredients that do not interact with pharmaceuticals; does not contain sugar or preservatives, etc.
    • ※Medicine taken with Jelly acts inside the body the same way as when taken with water.
    ■Stress on the throat, when swallowing

    The above shows that the throat experiences stress when medicines are taken with “water”.

    When medicines are taken with “jelly”, the throat does not experience any stress.
    Image Figure

    The 28th Annual Meeting of the APSTJ
    〜Evaluation of the feeling of swallowing in numerical values: the effects of jelly oblate on the muscle potential of the submental muscle〜

    ■Time to reach the stomach.

    “Water” takes as much as approx. 18 seconds to reach the stomach.

    “Jelly” takes only approx. 8 seconds to reach the stomach.

    Ryukakusan Throat Refreshing Candy


    These products contain herbal powders and can be enjoyed by everyone, from children to adults. They are more than just a tasty candy.

  • 4. Performance of Ryukakusan Co., Ltd.

    A cutting-edge production system with a long history

    Chiba Plant クロスロータリー
    Cross rotary
    Chiba Plant

    Equipped with cutting edge facilities and technology, our GMP-compliant plant carries out pharmaceutical production under the motto “safety and security”.

    Chiba Plant クロスロータリー
    Cross rotary
    Domestically cultivated herbs are blended in the products. (Chamomile growing in Akita)
    Domestic cultivation of natural medicines

    We are aiming to achieve a stable supply of domestically produced high-quality natural medicines. Having entered an agreement with Misato-cho, Akita Prefecture, we have begun cultivation of domestically produced natural medicines.


    Expanding across the globe

    Boryung Headquarters, Korea

    Ryukakusan's history with business overseas goes back around to 1945. Our main export area are Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, the U.S., and China (in export chronological sequence). Have obtained patent rights worldwide, including Asia, the United States and Europe. We have appointed the Boryung Company's Ansan plant as our foreign manufacturing plant, and proceed to grow our business on an international scale.

    Contact Information

    For any Ryukakusan product information in each country/region, please contact the following.
    (in export chronological sequence)

    Newtaka Products Co., Ltd.
    Contact Person:Vicky Sung
    Telephone No.:+(886)-2-2521-2192
    Boryung Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
    Contact Person:Jin-Woo, Kim
    Telephone No.:+(82)-2-740-4127
    Hong Kong
    St. Bund Healthcare Co., Ltd.
    Contact Person:Mr. Y. Zamma
    Telephone No.:+(852)2421-0166
    United States of America
    Solstice Medicine Company
    Contact Person:Wina So
    Telephone No.:+1-(323)221-8180
    Products:Ryukakusan DIRECT EX Candies
    Shenzhen Huarun Sanjiu Pharmaceutical Trade Co., Ltd.
    Contact Person   :Zhao
    e-Mail  :zhaochengkun@999.com.cn
    Products:Ryukakusan Herbal Candies
    Taiga Industrial Co., Ltd.
    Contact Person   :Yan Nakamura
    e-Mail  :nakamura@taiga88.com

    Community-based contribution to society

    When Japan was hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011, Ryukakusan Co., Ltd. donated 30,000 packets of “Swallowing Aid Jelly (Magic Jelly) for Children(Okusuri Nometane)”, which enabled sufferers to take medicines without water.

    ①Ryukakusan Building Concert.②Former Ryukakusan Headquarers building, which was damaged in the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923.③Miniature shrine that was displayed in the entrance of the company headquarters building.
    • Each year, a classical concert is held in the 1F hall of the company headquarters building for the local community. (Photo①)

      ①Ryukakusan Building Concert.②Former Ryukakusan Headquarers building, which was damaged in the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923.③Miniature shrine that was displayed in the entrance of the company headquarters building.
    • In the Great Kanto Earthquake, which struck on September 1, 1923, the Ryukakusan Headquarers building served as an evacuation center
      for the local community. (Photo②)

    • During the Kanda Festival, the portable shrine of the local community is displayed in the 1F entrance of the Ryukakusan Headquarters building. (Photo③)

  • 5. A Message from Ryukakusan

    Ryuta Fujii

    Did you know that the works of Bach and Mozart are today actually performed in a very different style from the original ones? Analyzing Western music with meticulous scores allows up to picture the thoughts of composers. However, the tempo and basic pitch of music have significantly changed in accordance with lifestyle changes. The music tempo has become faster and the pitch higher, expressing emotions more actively as the rhythms of lifestyle become faster. If you were to recreate music in its original performance style, you would find it much slower-paced, almost as though it were a different piece of music. Nevertheless, the basic concepts of the music have been conveyed down the ages without being influenced by the environment-only the performance style has changed to fit with the times. This appears to be similar to our company's way of doing business. We have been protecting the throats of Japanese people for 200 years and herein lie our characteristics of prudence and stubbornness, sincerely observing traditions. Meanwhile, our company has evolved in response to changes in the environment, transforming contents and styles over the course of a long period of time. We have not only held steadfastly onto the heritage bequeathed by our forefathers, but also taken on new business challenges, and this is precisely why our company has survived to this day. The flow of the times is faster now that we have ever experienced in the past and is becoming more and more intense. Aiming to be an enterprise that can survive and expand into the future, we need to actively evolve even further. The desire to achieve and maintain people's good health has not changed since the end of the Edo Period (mid-1800s), when the Fujii Family members served as Akita Domain physicians (Domain lord: Yoshinobu Satake) and created “Ryukakusan”popularizing it throughout society

  • 6. Ryukakusan's Company Profile

    Company Name Ryukakusan Co., Ltd.
    Founded 1871
    Established July 9th, 1928
    Capital 60 million yen
    Representative Ryuta Fujii, President
    Sales 20,400 million yen (Fiscal year ending March 2019)
    Employee Number 106 people, As of late March 2019
    Address 5-12, 2-Chome, Higashi-Kanda, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, 101-0031 Japan  
    Branch・Sales Offices
    • ●Osaka Office
      River Point Kitahama Bldg, 1-3-14, Kitahama, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka, 541-0041 Japan
    Plants/ Research Facilities
    • ●Chiba Plant
      1460-3 Aza Mitodai Mito, Tako-machi, Katori-gun, Chiba, 289-2247

    Ryukakusan Co., Ltd Building (Corporate Headquarters)

    Ryukakusan Bldg. 2-5-12, Higashikanda, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, 101-0031 Japan

    • [Nearest stations]
    • ・Toei Shinjuku Line Iwamotocho station a 5 minute walk
    • ・JR Yokosuka ・ Sobu Rapid Line Bakurocho station a 7 minute walk
    • ・JR Sobu Line Asakusabashi station (West exit) a 7 minute walk
    • ・Toei Subway Asakusa Line Asakusabashi station a 10 minute walk
    • ・Hibiya Metro Line Akihabara station a 7 minute walk
    • ・JR Akihabara station (Showa-dori exit) a 10 minute walk

    About The Mark of Ryukakusan

    Ryukakusan's logo mark was created by the Fujii family which is in line of Akita clan.
    After undergone a process of improvements, they settled down with the design which relates with “Dragon”.
    The Ryukakusan logo is made of 3 Chinese characters of “Ryu”, meaning dragon, stacked on top of one another, along with 5 round dots to finish off the appearance.
    The final design was done by the grand-child of Koan Ogata. Koan Ogata is known as the father of modern medicine. As Dr. Ogata had a deep knowledge of Heraldry, he designed the Heraldry for other companies such as our affiliated company Yatoron.