Ryukakusan's Initiatives

A cutting-edge manufacturing structure with a long history

Chiba Plant

GMP-compliant and equipped with cutting-edge facilities and technology, the Chiba Plant manufactures pharmaceutical products under the motto of "safety and security."

The plant is divided into separate areas according to the production process, including weighing, filling, packaging, and packing. Strict environmental sanitation control is performed in each area.

Chiba Plant
Cross-rotary machine

Ryukakusan began cultivation of indigenous herbal medicinal plants in Japan

Ryukakusan is promoting the cultivation of herbal medicinal plants in the towns of Misato and Happo in Akita Prefecture. Our aim is to achieve a stable supply of domestically produced superior-quality herbal medicines, while making effective use of and rejuvenating under-utilized property such as fallow fields.

Herbal medicinal plants cultivated in Akita, a region richly endowed with nature, are incorporated into Ryukakusan's products.

We also support local production of Japanese herbal medicinal plants and herbs through the special regional revitalization tax system in the towns of Misato and Happo in Akita.

A chamomile field in Happo, Akita.

Overseas expansion since around 1950

Ryukakusan has a long history of overseas expansion, beginning with the export of our products in around 1950.

We continue to develop our business from a global perspective, having obtained patents in Japan, Asia, the United States, and Europe, and having secured the Ansan Factory of Boryung Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in South Korea as an overseas manufacturing site.

Boryung Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Contribution to society through community-based activities

Ryukakusan values its connection with the community in which its head office has been located since the Meiji period.

Once every two years, on the occasion of the Kanda Festival, a mikoshi (sacred religious palanquin) from the neighborhood association (Higashi Kanda Toshima-cho) is displayed in the entrance hall of the head office.

Concert in the Ryukakusan Building

A classical concert is held for local residents in the entrance hall on the first floor of the head office.

A flute performance is given by our President, who has been active as a professional musician. The event is attended by many locals and has been well received.

The former head office of Ryukakusan, which was damaged in the Great Kanto Earthquake.

The head office building served as an evacuation site for the community after the Great Kanto Earthquake of September 1, 1923.

Ensuring that people can take their medicine with peace of mind, even in a disaster

The sudden Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011 caused extensive and unprecedented damage.

Ryukakusan donated 30,000 pouches of Swallowing Aid Jelly for Children to the disaster area so that people affected could take medications safely using the jelly instead of water.