Self-Medication of Your Throat

The Power of Herbal Medicine

for phlegm, cough, throat irritation, and voice

Directry moistens your throat without water

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Ryukakusan is an ultra fine powdered herbal medicine which is good for your throat.
Take without water. It works directly on the throat,
and soothes irritating symptoms such as severe cough and phlegm.

Ryukakusan is throat medicine which only contains herbal medicines. Active ingredients such as platycodon, senega, glycyrrhiza, and apricot kernel to activate antitussive and expectorant functions.
Reactivates the throat's ciliary movement and soothes coughs and excretes unwanted phlegm. The Unique mild effect of herbal medicines relieves unwanted symptoms while also being gentle to your body.

  • Platycodon

    (for Expectorant)

  • Senega

    (for Expectorant)

  • Glycyrrhiza

    (Anti inflammatory)

  • Apricot Kernel

    Apricot Kernel
    (for Cough)

  • Point 1
    Take without water
    Herbal medicines work directry on your throat, and activate mucus membrane movement to flush out phlegm.
  • Point 2
    Can be taken before going to bed.
  • Point 3
    No drawziness
    Having no sleep inducing substance enables you to take at any occasions.

When to take?

The throat inflammation or damage is cause by overusage of the throat, smoke, or inhaling unclean air. Having those symptoms, the throat no longer conducts the self­cleansing. Then, cough starts. Ryukakusan's active ingredients such as Saponin glycosides of Platycodon and Senega work on those conditions to stimulate fluid secretion onto the airway surface. Mucus membrane movement becomes active and removes phlegm, stops coughs and eases inflammation.

Dosing and Administration

Ryukakusan works directly on the throat membrane to activate its movement. By taking it with water, the main ingredient will be washed away. Please make sure to take without water, and wait at least 20 or 30 minutes before eating.

  1. Detach the spoon from the inner cap.

  2. Remove the inner cap.

  3. Scoop up a heaping spoon of Ryukakusan.

  4. Place it on the tongue and move them toward the back of the throat as it dissolves gradually.

New Attached Spoon.

Registered Design

The Powder Falls Off Quickly

Dynamics of powder was theoretically applied to the design of a novel spoon. When the novel spoon is turned over, it can easily breaks the “bridge” caused during the scooping.

Improved Handle

By designing the handle in hexagon shape like a pencil, it makes easier to hold and rotate the spoon.

Current Spoon


Powder remains to the spoon because of“bridge”generated by powder consolidation during scooping and adhesion of powder on the wall of spoon.

New Spoon


When the spoon is turned over, the holes on the bottom of spoon accordingly break the“bridge”, leading to flow the powder completely.

Small Hole Technology


The number of holes, size of holes, angles are all calculated based on the dynamics of powder. So, no powder falls off from the holes.

Product Information


Cough, phlegm, throat irritation, swelling, sore throat, and other uncomfortable throat symptoms.

Dosing and Administration

Take the Ryukakusan powder using the attached spoon (one spoonful=0.3g)

  • Ryukakusan works directly on the throat mucus membrane.
  • Take without water.
Age Usage Daily Usage
Adult (over 15) 1spoon 3 to 6 times
11〜 under 15 2/3spoon 3 to 6 times
8〜 under 11 1/2spoon 3 to 6 times
5〜 under 8 1/3spoon 3 to 6 times
3〜 under 5 1/4spoon 3 to 6 times
1〜 under 3 1/5spoon 3 to 6 times
3 months 〜 under 1 1/10spoon 3 to 6 times
Under 3 months Do not use
  • Please follow the dosing and administration.
  • For small children, take under adults' supervision.
  • For infants under 2 year old, please consult a doctor.


1.8g Adult daily usage

Active ingredient Dosage
Powdered Platycodon Root 70mg
Powdered Apricot Kernel 5.0mg
Powdered Senega 3.0mg
Powdered Glycyrrhiza 50mg

Additives : Calcium carbonate, Calcium hydrogen Phosphate, Magnesium carbonate, Benzoic acid、 Flavor

Contents Volume


  • 龍角散


  • 龍角散


  • 龍角散


The History of Ryukakusan

200 years of history
"Ryukakusan", a beloved throat medicine company of over 200 years, was born the Edo era,created by Shoteiji Fujii who was the doctor for the lord Akita and the ancestor of the Ryukakusan owner family. He used his knowledge of Western and Eastern medicine to invent cough medicine. This was the origin of Ryukakusan. He named Ryukakusan from the ingredients in the medicine such as Ryukotsu, Borneol, Cornu Cervi Degelatinatum.
Medicine for the Lord became a Home Medicine
At the Meiji Restoration, Ryukakusan was granted to the family of Fujii as the clan had been serving as a doctor for the lord in generation. Then, Fujii­family moved to Edo(Kanda in Tokyo) and settled at the vicinity of Akita Lord's Edo residence. In 1871, the family started their pharmaceutical business. Since then, Ryukakusan has became one of the most popular home medicine for Japanese people.

Domestic Production of Herbal Medicine

  • Camomile

  • Glycyrrhiza

Ryukakusan's continuous efforts have manifested recently. Most of our raw material relies on imported materials. Naturally, there are many issues, such as the price fluctuation or the quality inconsistency. There were increased demand on the domestic production, and we have been working on this issue. Now, "Ryukakusan" contains a significant amount of domestically cultivated herb. We thank you very much for the great effort made by the Akita Prefecture's government, and local agricultural associations and individual farmers. We are able to follow the strict regulation of the medicinal plants production, and successfully cleared its guideline. There may be a subtle change in flavor, though we maintain the same efficacy with the improved easy to consume design. Ryukakusan has been protecting the people's throat, and we will continue to do so in the future.

  • Chamomile

  • Glycyrrhiza

  • Platycodon