Patented Swallowing Aid Jelly

Swallowing aid jelly

Swallowing Aid Jelly (Magic Jelly)(RakuRaku)

When taking a medicine, have you ever had this kind of experience.

Powdered medicines getting left over in the mouth.

Taking bitter medicines is annoying.

A medicine got stuck in the throat, and washed it down with water immediately.

After taking a pill, felt something got stuck in the throat

Taking multiple pills at once is difficult.

Your medicine swallowing method is giving a huge stress on the throat.


“Swallowing Aid Jelly (Magic Jelly)
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There are reasons why we recommend “Swallowing Aid Jelly(Magic Jelly)”.


In 1998, Ryukakusan invented the world's first “Swallowing Aid Jelly”(Magic Jelly) as an aid jelly for swallowing medicine. After 15 years, this product has acclaimed excellent responses from doctors, pharmacists, nurses, carers, etc..


Ryukakusan has used for both the healthy and patients. It has verified the effectiveness and the safety. We had examined the effects of the medicine and its dissolving process.


It is highly acclaimed in the world.

Starting with Japan, it has obtained patents in many countries. (Japan, America, Australia, EU, China, Hong Kong, Korea, etc.)

The scientific truth about the throat

We have done an experiment verifying the difference of taking capsules, tablets, and powder, with water and Swallowing Aid Jelly(Magic Jelly).

■The stress on the throat

Using water, you see the stress on the throat.

The throat is feeling less stress using Swallowing Aid Jelly.

The 28th Annual Meeting of the APSTJ
“Evaluation of the feeling of swallowing in numerical values: the effects of jelly oblate on the muscle potential of the submental muscle”

■Duration time from the throat to the stomach

It takes 18 seconds using water.

It takes only 8 seconds using Swallowing Aid Jelly.

Since the medicine is a sensitive subject, please read the Q&A below.

Q1 Why do we have to take the medicine using jelly, instead of water?

Have you ever felt the medicine got stuck in the throat? The scar built by this choke could lead to a serious disease. Covering up the medicine using the Swallowing Aid Jelly makes the medicine to pass through your body smoothly.

Q2 After using Swallowing Aid Jelly, do I need to take water?

Swallowing Aid Jelly is made 85% from water, when it enters the stomach the jelly will dissolve and turn into water. If you used it as a substitution of water, taking water is unnecessary. If you are able to drink water, there is no problem for taking it. ※Generally, it's been told you will need a cup of water to absorb the medicine into the body.

Q3 I have diabetes, and need to be careful about my diet.

Swallowing Aid Jelly doesn't include sugar. The total calorie is 17kcal(stick type 18kcal) in 100g. It has no effect against the insulin which won't be a problem for you.

It's very easy to use.

Before use

After you open, throw away the liquid on the top layer. There will be no effect drinking this liquid.

Step 1 Using a cup

●Pour jelly in the cup. ●Put all tablets and capsules together into the cup. Cover them up with jelly. ●Do the same as above for powdered medicine. ●It's like wrapping up the medicine with jelly.

Step2 Using a spoon

●Pour the certain amount of jelly on the spoon. ●Put medicine on top of it and pour more jelly to cover it.

Step3 Substitution of water

●Take medicine using Swallowing Aid Jelly instead of water. Stick types only.

Patented Swallowing Aid Jelly. A jelly to swallow medicine easy and tasty.

Infants, Age 14, Adults, Elderly

For children! When children reject to take medicine, there is a possible choking or difficulty in swallowing.

Adults (Dislike to take medicine). Difficult to swallow multiple medicines at once. Not good at taking powder medicines spreading inside the mouth. Uncomfortable taking medicines and supplements.

Elderly people(Having difficulty with swallowing) Due to aging, swallowing muscle starts to feel pain becoming difficult to swallow.

People having difficulty to swallow. Swallowing and pharynx muscles getting weak diagnosed with vascular disorders (potential pseudobulbar paralysis etc.), carrying difficulties to swallow.

For special occasions (recommended for powder medicine) For bitter medicines like antibiotics!

Chocolate flavor

For Chinese medicine!

Strawberry chocolate flavor

Coffee jelly flavor