"Ensemble Baroque

~Autumn Special Concert~" Event Notification


On November 5th 2016 (Saturday), "Ensemble Baroque ~Autumn Special Concert~" will be held at Waseda Hoshien Scott Hall.

Our company's President Ryuta Fujii will be on stage as a flute player.

Please come and enjoy the music. 

◆ Exhibition Overview ◆

Date: November 5th 2016(Saturday) 15:30 start(opening 15:00)

Location: Waseda Hoshien Scott Hall

(Map:http://www.hoshien.or.jp/map/index.html Japanese)

Admission Fee: Free

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◆ Performance ◆

Ryukakusan・Yatron Chamber Music Orchestra & Enemble Baroque

Conductor: Osamu Chuma

Flute: Ryuta Fujii 


◆ About Ryukakusan ・ Yatron Chamber Music Orchestra & Ensemble Baroque ◆

Ensemble Baroque is an amateur music orchestra, formed by a core student members in year 1955.

Ryukakusan Co., Ltd. has been providing a practicing place as a social music orchestra, for more than 20 years, and it became the main structure of Ryukakusan ・ Yatron Music Orchestra's seasonal concert. In newly built Ryukakusan building, Ryukakusan building's spring concert has been held evey year, and the seasonal autumn concert has been held at churches.

Setting Baroque Music as the main stream of the orchestra, they have been practicing and playing various music including the rare music with a spirit of amateurism.

※Yatoron is a name of the clinical diagnostic reagent manufacturing company. Yet, after being absorbed by Mitsubishi Chemical, the company name no longer exists.