Introducing "Swallowing Aid Jelly(Magic Jelly)" with magic show and rap music!?

A booth will be set in "43rd H.C.R. 2016".

Ryukakusan Co., Ltd. will be introducing Swallowing Aid Jelly (Magic Jelly) at 43rd HCR Exhibition 2016. This jelly helps for those having difficulty of swallowing medicine smoothly.

"Swallowing Aid Jelly(Magic Jelly)" is the word's first swallowing aid jelly invented by Ryukakusan Co., Ltd.. The product has been highly evaluated among the medical field selling over 20 million packages since the market launch.


<Characteristics of "Swallowing Aid Jelly(Magic Jelly)">

・Usage … A jelly to help swallowing medicine and supplements.

・Ingredients … Sugar/Saccharides, artificial colorants, preservatives are not included. Not interfering the medicine's effect nor absorption.

・Physical properties … Suitable viscosity and flowing ability without getting stuck in the throat.

・Manufacturing method … Controlled under pharmaceutical manufacturing level.

・Package … Designed to set the jelly flakes size not to get stuck in the throat.


In H.C.R. 2016, a professional magician and rap musician will be introducing the "Swallowing Aid Jelly(Magic Jelly)". Visitors will be able to enjoy, try samples, and learn the benefit of our "Swallowing Aid Jelly(Magic Jelly)".


<Event Overview>

■ Place : Tokyo Big Sight East Hall

■ Booth place : East 3 Hall  No.3-16-14

■ Event period  : October 12~14th, 2016

■ Open hours : 10:00~17:00

■ Official website : https://www.hcr.or.jp/ (Japanese)




He learned violin from age 3 to 6 years, turned into a guitarist at age 16. He made a debut as a professional magician in 2003. Since then he has been on shows at several countries overseas.

While working as a magician as a table magic to stage magic, he formed a group combining magic and live music called "JAZZIC". He is actively working with show performances with originality.

Moreover, has been spreading activities in multiple fields, such as cooperating in stage supporting famous artists in creating TV programs.


DJ YOKE(Multiple Artist)

Yoke is a multi-talented artist who does MC, DJ, DANCE, PRODUCE, Radio narrator, and even a host. He has been in touch with BLACK MUSIC from childhood, started dancing from age 12, grabbed the MIC from age 14, started playing DJ from age 16. Provided a song to Satoshi Shimano Produce with compilation Kamikaoru in 1999 from FOR LIFE. Sold over than 20 thousand copies making a smash hit. In year 2004 made a major debut as a MC of the HIP-HOP BAND GOOSE BUMPS from R&C. Songs from the GOOSE BUMPS has been hired in ending theme of Amespo Style, Downtown DX, Ururun Visiting Diary. Has been working as a SOLO ARTIST in present, mainly collaborating with ARTIST overseas, creating songs in the WORLDWIDE point of view, have been in action with creative activities.

ON July 6 2016, 3rd SOLO ALBUM "Family" has been released.



In year 2009, he released the 1st mini album "Open the Door toward the future" making a debut in indies. With combining two styles of rap and melody, having trilingual as an advantage, the performance in the songs of mixing Japanese・English・Chinese made a huge impact to the scene. After those, he released 2 discs of mini albums performed with other artists. A song in the compilation album "B-BOY PARK ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK FREE STYLE Vol.1" indicating to the B-Boy's festival "B-BOY PARK".

In January 2016, he founded an artist group in active in the world called SUNSHINE ENTERTAINMENT. In the same year in August, released the full album CD "SUNSHINE" in all areas.

We look forward to seeing you at the venue.