Introducing the Guest of TBS Radio "Ryukakusan presents Nodo no Mado"


Every week we have a variety of guest who can share his or her unique episodes related with their voice and throats. Please tune in to enjoy "Nodo no Mado"(TBS Radio) presented by Ryukakusan.


■ Guest : Ms. Seiko Niizuma(Actress/Singer)

■ On air schedule : September 4th, 11th, 18th


≪Program Summary≫

Broadcasting Network : TBS Radio(AM954 + FM90.5)

Broadcasting Schedule : Every Sunday 9:55~10:00

Program Content : TBS news caster Ms. Yuki Nagamine wil host the various guests who are well known singers, actors/actresses, comedians or narrators. In this program, each guest introduces episodes relating to throat and voices, as well as methods about how to take care of throats.

Program HP  : http://www.tbsradio.jp/nodo/ (Japanese)