Ryukakusan's newspaper advertisement "Ryukakusan, for raspy voice from festival" received the Grand Prize Award in the 7th Chunichi Newspaper Advertisement Award!


The newspaper advertisement we have posted on May, 2015 "Ryukakusan, for raspy voice from festival" has received the 7th Chunichi Newspaper Advertisement Award Grand Prize, Most Valuable Award (General newspaper section). Chunichi Newspaper Advertisement Award is selected through 2 tryouts, judges made by the selected readers in the first tryout, and the judges made by the experts in the second tryout.


"Ryukakusan, for raspy voice from festival" is an advertisement appealing to care hoarse voices from heavily used throats at festivals, featuring the Kanda Festival celebrating the 400th anniversary of Kanda Shrine relocation.

We have posted 2 different design of advertisements 2 days in a row, one advertisement expressing the calmness before the Kanda Festival "Kanda Myoujin after the rain"(posted May 8th), and one advertisement expressing the powerfulness of the festival "Kanda Myoujin Tobi Gashira shu" (posted May 9th), appealing "Ryukakusan, for raspy voice from festival".


Our company will keep creating unforgettable advertisements receiving this award as a motivator.



【Awarded Works】

 Posted on May 8th, 2015 "Kanda Myoujin after the rain"


 Posted on May 9th, 2015 "Kanda Myoujin Tobi Gashira shu"



【At the Ceremony】