Ryukakusan Direct for damaged throat caused from mouth breathing!?

"Ryukakusan Direct" will take care of throat irritation, uncomfortable symptoms caused from mouth breathing. CM shows the moment to fresh up the damaged throat using "Ryukakusan Direct."

"Ryukakusan for mouth breathing troubles" will be aired from February 24th!



Ryukakusan Co., Ltd.(Tokyo Head Office: Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo) will be broadcasting the new commercial of the portable cough medicine able to take without water "Ryukakusan Direct"(Third Class OTC drugs), starting from February 24th in all areas. 

Rather than Nose breathing, Mouth breathing forces up to inhale cold air directly into the mouth. As a result, the throat gets drier and self-purifying mucous activity getting weak to excrete the contamination.

In the commercial, the traditional Japanese comic storyteller Mr. Shinosuke Tachikawa is promoting Ryukakusan Direct. CM shows how "Ryukakusan Direct" will help to moist in the throat, bring back the mucous membrane in normal shape expressing. The animation is done by Mr. Taku Furukawa.


【CM Overview】

■ Title : "Ryukakusan for mouth breathing troubles" ver. (15 sec)

■ Broadcasting date : February 24th, 2016 (Wednesday) ~ 

■ Broadcasting area : All areas(terrestrial・BS)


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