A notification of a succession in Manufacturing and Marketing Approval of OTC medicine "Tiger Balm"


We woulk like to take this opportunity to extend our best wishes to all our customers.


Ryukakusan Co., Ltd.(Head Office: Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo CEO: Ryuta Fujii, Below, Ryukakusan) has made a succession in manufacturing and marketing approval of the product "Tiger Balm", manufactured and marketed from Ryukakusan to CMIC CMO Co., Ltd.(Head Office: Minato Ward, Tokyo, CEO: Tsuyoshi Mitani)

Ryukakusan will be responsible of the product's quality control transactions, inclding to provide, collect, and transmit the medical information until the above succession date. After the succession is completed, CMIC will be responsible of this product's quality control transactions, including to provide, collect, transmit the medical information.


Your understanding would be highly appreciated.                                                           



【Contact information after August 14th, 2015】

CMIC CMO Co., Ltd.  

〒933-0251 37-2, Ariso, Imizu, Toyama Prefecture

Contact Information:

CMIC CMO Co., Ltd. Customer Support

Toll-Free No.: 0120-86-3504

Office hours: Monday~Friday 9:00~17:00(Holidays not available)



<Transferring product>

Tiger Balm


<New Manufacturing And Marketing Company>

CMIC CMO Co., Ltd.

1) Founded: October 16th, 2009

2) Address: 1-1-1 Shibaura, Minato Ward, Tokyo

3) President: Tsuyoshi Mitani

4) Capital: 100 million yen


<Past Manufacturing and Marketing Place>

Ryukakusan Co., Ltd.

1) Founded: July 9, 1871

2) Address: 5-12, 2-Chome, Higashi-Kanda, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, 101-0031 Japan

3) President: Ryuta Fujii

4) Capital: 60 million yen