Ryukakusan's swallowing aid jelly "Swallowing Aid Jelly(Magic Jelly) for Children" series received 9th Kids Design Award!!


Swallowing Aid Jelly, "Swallowing Aid Jelly(Magic Jelly) for Children" from Ryukakusan Co., Ltd.(Head office: Chiyoda ward, Tokyo President Ryuta Fujii) has received the "9th Kids Design Award"(Sponsored by: Kids Design Committee, Supported by: Ministry of Economy, Consumer Affairs Agency)


In relation of receiving this award, we would like to continue the commercialization of "Swallowing Aid Jelly(Magic Jelly) for Children" from the point of kids' design, in together with creating new products energetically.------



◆ Awarded Product : "Swallowing Aid Jelly(Magic Jelly) for Children" Series

◆ Product Overview : "Swallowing Aid Jelly(Magic Jelly) for Children" is a swallowing aid jelly enable us to swallow medicine smoothly by cover up the medicine. It masks the medicine's bad smell and taste, turning children's medicine time into a fun time.

◆ Product description : http://www.ryukakusan.co.jp/promotion4



◆ Kids Design Award is

Kids Design Award was created to fulfill the mission to acheive the society where "Children can live safely", "Children can grow in full sense and creatively" and "Improves society to give birth and grow sustainable". They award the superb goods to exhort those purposes and introduce to the society.


◆ what is Kids Design Committee?

Kids Design Committee is NPO, and consisted with the companies which purposes are to create the environment to nurture children's safety, reliability, and the healthy growth.